-25℃ Low Temperature Freezer

To store virus,germs,blood plasma,vaccine,blood,skin,bone marrow,sperm,biological products,pelagic products and others.
Suitable for research,institute,chemical,military,electronics,piscatorial industries,university labs,pelagic fishery industries and other areas
Advanced Cooling System
·International branded compressor-secop,CFC-free refrigerant,low power consumption.
·Double sealing layers outdoor to ensure good insulation
Precised Microcomputer Temperature Control
·Microprocessor based temperature controller,digital temperature display
·LED display,easy to read
·Optional monitoring module and exclusive software to realize remote monitoring



Operating security
·Alarms :high and low temperature alrms,sensor failure alarm,power failure alarm
·Alarm styles:buzzing ,flashing
·Password protection function on temperature controller,in case of set parameters randomly
Humanized design
·Automatic springback door hinge,easy to use
·Safety lock design prevents any abnormal door status
·Flexible door design,more equipments can be placed side by side without any clearance
·Safety lock design prevents any abnormal door status
·Adjustable shelves,easy to put and take out storage stuff
·SUS inner tank,never rust
·Optional several types store baskets
Universal design
·Wide voltage available:Range 187V~242V available

 Product name   Model  External size
Internal size
Voltage (V/Hz) Power (W) Temperature (℃) Climate type Capacity (L) N.W.(Kg)
-25℃ deep temperature freezer MDF-25V268 675*675*1580 509*519*1126 220/50 390 -10~25℃ N 268 113
MDF-25V328 675*675*1850 509*519*1393 220/50 485 -10~25℃ N 328 128