Autoclave (Full Automatic Type)

The fully-automated AUTOCLAVE with excellent efficiency in sterilizing materials, such as glassware & etc. in the field of biochemistry, biotechnology,microbiology & other related-sector .
Only initial & simple setting enables end-users to effectively operate our high-performance Autoclave with fully-automated process for easy & quick control.
Time for sterilization can be easily adjusted by user-friendly control system, When setting time for sterilization ends up, buzzer sound comes together with automatic exhaus of steam inside the equipment.
The advanced dual safety system makes optimized protection against any kind of dangerous factors which may be caused by excessive uptum of temperature & pressure.
High efficiency over temperature Limit function fullfill reliable protection against overheating above a set temperature.
User-friendly control panel enables end-users to take a look at both setting & present temperature When it comes up to end-user’s setting temperature for sterilization, the timer is automatically actevated and both operating temperature & progress time of sterilization temperature are shown on the display for easy monitoring.
The safety devices present effective protection fundtion against overheating and overcurrent. User-frendlt all-in-one type control panel.
When it comes up to end-user’s setting time for sterilization, buzzer is automatically activated and in case of sudden stoppage of power supply, automatic retum function is also activated.
Using the solidly-made four-arm locker, it feature easy & quick operation with the completely-isolated structure from the outside of the equipment.