1.Labocon Crude Oil Centrifuge LCOC-101
Labocon Crude Oil Centrifuge LCOC-101

Specification :

Max. Speed (RPM) 5000
Max. RCF ( x g) 4390
Max. Capacity 4*200ml
Temperature Range +10ᵒC ~ +80ᵒC
Ambient Temperature 15 ᵒC
Cooling time from start up ±2ᵒC
Speed Accuracy ±30 rpm
Speed Control 0-5000 rpm
Set Speed (increments) 20
Timer range 0-99 min
Set Time (increments for LCD) 1 s
Control System Microprocessor
Program Memory 9
Display LCD
Motor (DC/ Brushless) Frequency Motor
Acceleration/ Deacceleration Rate 9
Noise Level ≤60dB
Rotor Material Aluminium Alloy
Power Supply AC 220V & 110V 50 & 60Hz
Power Consumption 1000 W
Gross Weight (For LCD) 130 kg
Net Weight 108 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Exterior 800*600*820mm
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) (For LCD) 910*710*1020 mm

Accesoriess :

Model No. of tubes x Volume RPM RCF(x g)
Swing Rotor
SR-1 4 x 100ml 3500 2069
SR-2 8 x 100ml 3500 4100
SR-3 4 x 200ml 3000 4000
SR-4 16 x 100ml 3000 3400

Features :

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • Equipped with electronic door locks to ensure the safe operation of the equipment
  • LCD display is employed to analyse and store rotational speed, temperature and time, helping to achieve automatic control.
  • Highly efficient equipment emits less noise and consumes less power.
  • Memory storage function.

Application :

Labocon Crude Oil Centrifuge LCOC-100 Series can be used for moisture determination in oil exploration industries, research institutes, oil refineries and laboratories.

2. Ultra High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LUHCR-101
Ultra High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LUHCR-101

Specification :

Max. Speed (RPM) 80000
Max. RCF ( x g) 645000
Temperature Range 0ᵒC – 40ᵒC
Ambient Temperature 10ᵒC – 35ᵒC
Temperature Accuracy ±2ᵒC
Cooling time from start up 5-10 mins
Refrigerant R404a
Speed Accuracy 100 rpm
Speed Control 0-80000
Set Speed (increments) 1000-90000 rpm in 100 rpm increments
Timer range 0-999 hours 59mins
Set Time (increments) 1 min
Control System Micrprocessor
Program Memory 35
Display LCD
Motor (DC/ Brushless) DC
Acceleration/ Deacceleration Rate 10 acc profiles
Noise Level ≤ 51dB
Power Supply 220V & 240V 50 & 60Hz 30A
Power Consumption 1000 KW
Gross Weight (For LCD) 550 kg
Net Weight 470 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Exterior 940*671*1234 mm
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) (For LCD) 1200*880*1450 mm

Accesoriess :

Model No. of tubes x Volume RPM RCF(x g)
Angle Rotor
AR-1 8 x 13.5ml 80000 552381
AR-2 6 x 38.5ml 32000 175000
Vertical Rotor
VR-1 8 x 5.1ml 80000 645000

Features :

  • It has an efficient vacuum dehydration system for removal of moisture.
  • It has been included with vacuum sealed driving system to reduce the wear and tear of the shaft.
  • CFC free refrigeration system.
  • It is capable of separating subcellular components and viruses.
  • The HEPA filter and Hole filter in the device ensure that the discharge of the gas is bacteria free.


Application ;

  • Ultra High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge is an ideal separation tool for multiple research applications involving DNA, RNA, viruses, proteins, and more.
  • It is widely used in biochemistry, cell biology, proteomics, lysate clarification, molecular biology, nanomaterial separations, nucleic acid purification and virus concentration.