DW-SI Series Thermostatic Floor Type Shaking Incubator

Scope of application:
The product is suitable for use in medical and health care, pharmaceutical, biochemical, industrial production and agricultural science and scientific research departments for cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, enzyme and cell tissue research.



Structural characteristics:
1, integrating with constant temperature incubator and the oscillator, saving space covers an area of small, much less investment. Double design capacity more covers an area of less.
2, shell for high quality steel plate production, cavity mirror stainless steel components, never rust.
3, tilting humanized control panel, large-screen backlit LCD screen, good visual effect.
4, with operation parameters memory function, avoid cumbersome operation and password lock, prevent man-made wrong operation.
5, a call back function, is not affected by the power gap, equipment can be set automatically according to the original program.
6, the measured temperature deviates from the set temperature for more than 3 ℃ (can be set arbitrary), automatic stop heating and send out sound and light alarm.
7, DW-SI-2102-C, DW-SI-2102 type refrigeration systems with strong fast, make instant cooling requirements and have the function of automatic frost.
8, the most advanced big torque motor to ensure continuous work without maintenance.
9, big view window with built-in illumination lights, the whole working status clear.
10, the whole machine mute design, static plastic box, super toughened glass Windows, luxurious and beautiful shape.
11, equipped with leakage protector
Shaking table options 
Universal spring clip
Clamp flaskStainless steel, can be fixed on the tray. 
50 ml flask clip (selections of 32 yuan/only)
100 ml flask clip (selections of 32 yuan/only)
250 ml flask clip (selections of 38 yuan/only)
500 ml flask clip (selections 50 yuan/only)
1000 ml flask clip (selections of 85 yuan/only)
2000 ml flask clamp (150 yuan/only selections)

Technical Parameters:

model DW-SI-1102C
Rotation frequency(rpm) 40-300
Frequency accuracy(rpm) ±1
Shimmy amplitude(mm) Φ26
The standard configuration 250ml×24 250ml×35 or 500ml×24 250ml×45 or 500×37
The maximum capacity 100ml×48 or 250ml×24 or 500×24 250ml×70 or 500ml×48 or 1000ml×24 250ml×90 or 500ml×74 or 1000ml×36 or 5000ml×8
The pallet size(mm) 500×350 740×460 970×760
Power(W) 550 380 750 550 1420 1150
Operating temperature (℃) 4~60 RT+5~60 4~60 RT+5~60 4~60 RT+5~60
Temperature control precision(℃) ±0.1
Temperature uniformity(℃) ±1
Timing range 1-9999min
Digital display mode LCD
The power supply AC220V~240V±10%  50~60HZ
The tray number Two pieces
Volume(cm)(W)×(D)×(H) 66×44×65(170L) 84×52×64(280L) 109.5×62.5×85(582L)
Overall dimensions(cm) 70×56×126 95×70×126 120×82×160
The net weight(KG) 165 140 240 220 425 456