• Description
    It is a system to heat the test tubes, but without using any liquid as heating transmision media between the heating elements and the test tubes; with this system the operating mode is more easy, and of course more clean as well.
    Basically it is a flat heating element, with the possibilty to hold on the top, a handly interchangeable aluminium block, provided with several holes, in order to allow to hold several test tubes to be heated.
  • Technical data
    • The housing is made of stainless steel, digital temperature regulation ambient +5ºC up to +200ºC, accuracy ±0,75ºC, homogeneity ±1,5%, resolution1ºC, safety thermostat DIN EN 61010-1, and provided with a timer 0-60minutes.
    • Block of aluminium Ø145mm 55mm height. 230V 400W. Overall dimensions depth 250mm, height 200mm, width 250mm, weight 5Kg.
    • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 33. Permissible ambient temperature 4 ~ 40 °C.
    • Permissible relative humidity 80%.
  • Accessories
    Supplied without any blocks, to be ordered separately according to the tube diameter. CCC-01
    It is a heater for crucibles with a conical chamber of Ø62xØ41mm x55h. It reaches a maximum temperature of 400 °C. Stainless steel housing, measures in mm155x155x180h. 5kg. 230V 400W. DIN EN 60529 IP33. +4 max temp ~ + 40 ° C. 80% H.
  • Accessories
    SRP-06: Power regulator. SRV-1: Variac voltaje regulator See page 76



  • CRS-….
    It Is a cordon shape flexible heating elements range, specially developed to roll up on the tubes or cylindrical shaped elements, to heat its by contact. Manufactured at 230V 50-60Hz of “Nicrom” wire, with two different density heating powers: Made of Ø5 Silicone coating to operate up to +100ºC; made of Glass Fiber coating to operate up to +200ºC. Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 60. Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40°C. Permissible relative humidity 80%



  • Description
    The CFT-1050 is a tubular micro-furnace with a very high heating speed. It reaches +900ºC. It is able to accommodate tubes or objects of a diameter less than 10mm and of 180mm maximum long, as the furnace is open on both extremes, it is possible to introduce tubes longer than 180mm, because its can surpass by the both extremes.
  • Technical data
    • Stainless steel housing.
    • Without temperature regulation. 230V 90W. Heating speed 9ºC/seg.
    • Overall dimensions in mm: D92, H100, W180.
    • Weight 1Kg.
    • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 33.
    • Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40°C. Permissible relative humidity 80%.
  • Applications
    Pre-heating tubes, pyrolysis, sterilization Kolle loops, and small objects in microbiology field.



  • Description
    It is the modern substitute of the old heating mantles, made with tissue heaters; now we incorporate the electric safety concept, because if the balloon is broken, the liquid can never be in contact with the heating element, because it isn’t in direct contact with the balloon. All metallic parts are connected at the ground, according to CE regulations. The heating volume is water-tight, and it is possible to heat with four different ways: By Contact with the balloon, by Air, by Sand, or by Liquid.
  • Models
    Produced in100cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1000cc, and 2000cc, with two different shapes, individual or ramps of 4 or 6 heating points of 100cc or 500cc. Two kind of regulations: Analogic by energy pulses(CMC), and Digital (CMCD) through an external immersion test probe. Provided of a system to allow to fix statives at the rear part (accessory AX-99)
  • Technical data
    Metallic painted housing. Heating tanks made of aluminium. Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP33. Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40 °C. Permissible relative humidity 80%.
  • Accessories
    Stative AX-99 support bar Ø12x500mm.