Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Autoclave


  • Sterilizing programs for fabric, instrument, rubber and liquid.
  • Equipped with printer to print date, time and process parameters.
  • Build-in efficient steam generator, microcomputer temperature control.
  • Perfect four-level authority management system to avoid mis-operation.
  • The positive pressure air-exhaust system to exhaust the cold air from chamber.
  • Post-dying function makes the residual humidity of sterilized articles less than 3%.
  • Touch screen display of temperature, pressure, time, running status and failure warning.
  • Over-heat auto protection device, dual door safety lock device, over-pressure relief valve, shortcircuit protection and over-pressure protection.


It is applicable for the sterilization of unpacked solid instrument in department of stomatology, ophthalmology, operation room and CSSD.