HVP-4300AFC Series & HVP-4200AFC

TSP HI-Vols :

  • Automatic/PID Mass or Volumetric Flow Control
  • Networking & Communication Capabilities
  • Continuous Data Logging
  • Auto Calibration feature
  • Programmable Timer & Total Volume Shut-Off
  • Brushless 2 or 3 Stage Blower Motor
  • For Continuous Use/Maintenance Free
  • Applicable to EPA’s 40 CFR 50, App. B
  • PM-10 Head Adaptable


The HVP-4000AFC-Series high volume air samplers are housed in a clearanodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The units incorporate a maintenance-free, two or three stage centrifugal blower powered by a brushless, variable speed, maintenance free motor. Blower selection is dependent upon individual sampling environment. The speed of the motor is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that accepts an input from a mass or volumetric flow sensor mounted in the sample air flow stream. The PLC detects changes in the operator’s pre-set flow rate due to changes in temperature, barometric pressure and pressure drop due to dust loading on filter media. It compensates for these changes by adjusting the motor speed to maintain the pre-set flow rate.

The illuminated, graphic LCD displays the operator’s Pre-Set Flow Rate, Instantaneous Flow Rate, Total Volume of Air Sampled, and Elapsed Sample Time. The PLC also allows for programming of custom sample on/off time settings & pre-set total volume shut off.

Networking and Communication option set-ups include: two (selectable) RS232/RS485 ports, a 4-20 mA and/or 0-10 VDC analog output proportional to flow, the ability to send & receive SMS messages to/from any CDMA/GSM cellular phone for possibly alerting/reporting any pre-defined event via text message, remote or local data acquisition, data logging in MS Excel format, and a custom remote access utility that allows complete control of the unit from a remote location.