Multi Gas Incubator ( HF 100)

HF100 is a multi-gas incubator, with oxygen control function
Key Points :

  • 90℃ decontamination system
  • Maintenance-free zirconium oxide sensor
  • Precise CO2 control and immediate recovery
  • Constant humidity


HF 100






Wide range of application

Innovative design for HF100 multi-gas incubator

  • Stainless steel chamber with easy-to-clean coved corners reduces contamination-prone surface
  • The turbulence-free chamber ventilation improves CO2, O2, humidity and temperature uniformity
  • Innovative design of water reservoir replacing water tray, allows rapid revovery of opimal humidity

Temperature control







  • Direct heating enables rapid temperature recovery while air jacket provides isolation against ambient temperature fluctuations
  • PT1000 temperature sensor ensures stable temperature control with little gradient and prompt temperature recovery without overheat
  • Three temperature control settings (main heater, outer door and overheat protection)minimize condensation and yield precise temperature uniformity.

Precise CO2 control and immediate recovery

  • Drift free IR CO2 sensor responds extremely fast to gas concentration changes
  • Auto-zero runs automatically to recover the indicator to ‘zero’ every 24 hours
  • HEPA filter of CO2 inlet port can remove impurities and contaminants with efficiency 99.998% @0.2um
  • Standard CO2 cylinder auto changer alerts users and ensures continuous CO2 supply

O2 control 

  • Maintenance-free zirconuim oxide sensor – long life, good linearity and high precision
  • Oxide sensor is calibrated automatically (auto-cal) and stays in the incubator during the 90℃ decontamination routine
  • Well designed O2/N2 inlet module improves humidity stability in chamber

Constant humidity

  • Larger water surface area provide by water reservoir with inclined and rounded corners
  • A new water level alarm(audible and visible) alerts users when the water reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Standard humidity sensor ensures a constant high level of humidity to prevent cultures from drying out

User friendly interface

  • Microprocessor with soft-touch control panel for optimum operation
  • Large-size TFT-LCD display for temperature, CO2, O2 concentration and RH
  • Comprehensive visual and audio alarms for all parameters
  • Diagnostic interface provide comprehensive solutions to frequently encountered problems
  • RS232 port standard for communication and external instrument logging

Contamination prevention

  • 90℃ disinfection routine decontaminates the entire interior of the chamber while causes less damage to electronic components
  • In independent tests, a routine disinfection circle is proven to completely eliminate a variety of contaminants including mycoplasma
  • A completely smooth inner casing with rounded corner reduces the possibility of hidden contamination 
  • Easy-removable, replaceable shelves make chamber cleaning a rapid and efficient process