* Wide & clear backlit custom LCD display

* Fast, accurate and easy to use, RS 232C communication

* Simultaneous display of pH(mV), temp and current time

* Auto(Manual) calibration with choice of buffer(3points)

* Automatic compensation for Temperature

* Available measure by using latest calibration data

* Self diagnostics, Auto-hold, Data-log up to 100 Points

* Certificated CE mark, ISO 9001







  Range -2.00 to 19.99
  Resolution 0.01
  Relative Accuracy  ±0.02
  Auto-Buffer-Recognition  4.00, 7.00, 10.00
Temperature   Range  -10 to 110℃
  Resolution  0.1℃
  Relative Accuracy  ±0.4℃
  Millivolts   Range ±1999.9mV
  Resolution  0.1mV
  Relative Accuracy  ±0.1mV
  Temperature Compensation  Auto
  Calibration  Auto (3 Points) / Manual (3 Points)
  Datalog 100 Point
  Print Capability Yes
  Display Custom LCD
  Inputs BNC, ATC, Power, RS232C
  Outputs Recorder, RS232C (Computer / Printer)
  Power AC/DC Power Adaptor
  Certification ISO9001, CE mark
  Dimension 200(L) x 260(W) x 90(H), Weight 0.95kg