Table Top Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

BKMB(III) series sterilizer is an automatic high temperature and pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as medium. It can be widely used in department of stomatology and ophthalmology, operating room, supply room, dialysis room and other medical institutions. It is unpacked items, solid instruments, dental hand pieces, endoscopes, implantable instruments, dressing fabric and rubber tubes, etc.




  • Build-in open type water tank
  • Easy-clean open type water tank
  • Water quality monitor
  • Water filter inside
  • Water level sensor
  • A fully injected water tank can support repeated program running

Brand-new operation interface
The LCD screen can display temperature, pressure, time, operating status, error and alarm information, etc.
It is convenient for users to observe the sterilizer running status.

Multiple security protective device
Over temperature automatic protective device, multiple control and protection for steam generator, door safety interlock protection and double chamber overpressure protection, electronic circuit safety device.

Automatic door
BKM-Z18/24/45B(III) series adopt automatic door structure, fast and simple operation, protecting operators from scald.
BKM60/80B(III) series adopt multipoint synchronous linkage pressing technology, reliable and durable

Efficent vacuum
Efficient vacuum system, low working noise,vacuum lowest limit can reach over -90KPa, vacuum in high speed, perfect drying performance, thorough sterilization.

Multiple program types
Sterilization programs: Unwrapped, wrapped, ruber,user 01, N-quick, B-quick, prion test program: BD & Helix, Leakage test.
Auxiliary program: Preheat, drying, washing.

High-efficiency steam generator
BKM-Z18/24/45B(III) adopt build-in instant steam generator. BKM-60/80B(III) adopt build-in energystoring steam generator producing steam in high speed and large quantity.

Other features
Pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, exhausting, vacuum drying totally automatic.
The chamber is heated by film heater, saving energy and time.

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