• Adjustable wind velocity as experimental application. (5 step)
  • Preset operation time. □ Auto control by density of VOC’s.
  • Lower maintenance cost by patented unique and fittest filters.
  • Easy to move by rolling casters for local cleaning and exhaustion. (MOVABLE TYPE)
  • Compact design with flexible arm rotating in a 360° arc. (MOVABLE TYPE)


General Specification:

Alarm : Replacement period of filters.
TOGA Filter Removal of harmful gases, VOC’s, offensive smells and fumes.
Pre-HEPA Filter Removal of 0.3 um fine dust to prolong HEPA filter greatly. (MOVABLE TYPE)
Ductless Type Easy installation and prevention of heat-loss.
Chemical Motor Special coil and bearing for no chemical reaction.
Turbo Blower High efficient specially designed blower.
Lower Noise And Soundproofing By melamine absorption board and vibration pad.


Model FTM0-1D FTS0-1D FTS0-2D
Absorption Capacity 10 m3/Min 39.6 m2 79.2 m2
Dimension (W x D x H) (mm) 400 x 400 x 960 450 x 400 x 1,630 500 x 450 x 1,750
Weight 65 Kg 98 Kg 110 Kg
Removal Better than 99.7% of harmful and toxic gases, VOC’s, Offensive smells and fumes
Replacement Period of Filters Around 1 year
Power Consumption 169 W
Power Input 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Adjust Wind Velocity 5 step
Running Mode for VOC’s 5 step/auto