Vacuum Ovens Large Capacity

Features :

  • Fully Programmable Watlow Temperature Control
  • Independent Overtemperature Safety
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • RS485 Communication

Precise Temperature Control :

  • Temperature Uniformity +/- 7.0ºC at 150ºC
  • Heat-up Time 90 minutes to 150°C
  • Temperature Range Ambient + 5.0ºC to 220ºC


The SHEL LAB Model SVAC9-2 is one of the largest vacuum ovens on the market, with 9.3 cubic feet of capacity. This unit also features a fully programmable Watlow temperature controller and a cool touch surface.

The oven is secured to a ruggedly constructed mobile stand, making it easy to mount a vacuum pump in the base. Although the oven is not supplied with a vacuum pump, all vacuum plumbing and KF25 connections are provided.

SHEL LAB stocks vacuum pumps and related accessories that are compatible with most applications. Our technical support team is available to advise on the perfect solution for your complete vacuum oven system.