DW-CIC-D120 Ion Chromatograph

DW-CIC-D120 ion chromatograph is a new modular design of the high stability of ion chromatograph, combining Drawell independent research and development core technology products and foreign excellent machining process equal to one, not only can be configured conductance detector, combined with powerful chromatography workstation and precision circuit control system, the DW-CIC-D120 ion chromatograph can also configure the UV-Vis detector implementating related to environment, food, chemical, geological, and many other areas of conventional ion of Yin and Yang, sugar, amino acids, other small molecule organic acids, cyanide, etc.



Ion Chromatographic Pump
Pressure range: 0~42 MPa
Volume of flow range: 0.001~9.999 mL/min
Pressure Display accuracy: ≦0.1 Mpa
Volume of flow accuracy (setting error): RSD≦0.1%
Over pressure and leak protection: It will give an alarm and stop working in these situation.
Digital Temperature-control detection system
1. Conductivity Detector
Structure: five-polar ring passively and 316 stainless steel conductance detector
Detection Mode: Double conductivity detection
Conductance cell size: ≦0.8μl
Output voltage: -5000~5000 mV (to regulate)
Measure range: 0~100000 μS/cm (10 level to choose)
Resolution : ≦0.0020 ns
Conductance cell temperature: 5~60℃(to regulate)
Constant temperature accuracy: ±0.01℃
Baseline noise: ≦0.1%FS
Baseline drift: ≦0.3%FS
2、Flow System
The whole plastic pipeline: made of PEEK materials
Six-way valve: Rheodyne electromagnetic six-way valve made in America, compression resistance of 7000 psi. Collect signals automatically.
3、Analytic Capability
For high capacity anion column, pH 0~14, compatible organic solvent, etc. can be analyzed at the same time with one injection.
For high capacity cation column, lycine, ,Choline chloride can be separated and analyzed.
Different types of detectors can detect several transition metallic ions, heavy metallic ions and special ions.
qualitative repeatability: ≦0.5% (Cl-, Na+  )
quantitative repeatability: ≦1.0% (Cl-, Na+)
Linear range: ≧103
Minimum concentration of detection: Cl-≤0.0005 ug/ml,BrO3-≤0.001 ug/ml,Li+≤0.001 ug/ml