Quintek Measurement Systems Density Profiler QDP-01X QMS USA




The profiler is a complete vertical density profiling system for manufactured panel products, including, but not limited to, oriented strand board, particleboard and medium density fiberboard.
The Density Profiler scans 2” square samples or 2N to 2.5” round samples.
 The has a profile step resolution (slit width) of .002”, and measures a user specified step size within a sample, from .001” (0.0254mm) to .020”.
Extensible Features
Ready to run upon delivery
Cabinet weigth 165 pounds
Cabinet dimensions 31 x 24 x 8.5 “
Automatic sample data entry
Sanded target density
Stored setup files
Profile overlay capability
Calibrations function
Creates ASCII data files
English or metric units
Optional network capability
Work console
Complete PC Workstations