• USOP-01: There are fixing devices to allow to anchor rods Ø12 on a flat surface such as a wall or a laboratory table. The support is fixed to the wall with three screws, and the rod with an Allen screw.
  • UVI-25: Stainless steel rod Ø12x250mm.
  • UVI-50: Stainless steel rod Ø12x500mm.
  • UVI-75: Stainless steel rod Ø12x750mm.
  • UVI-100: Stainless steel rod Ø12x1000mm.
  • UVI-150: Stainless steel rod Ø12x1500mm.
  • UVI-200: Stainless steel rod Ø12x2000mm.
  • UDN-01: Double nut to fix the Ø12 rods with each other.



  • Description
    These kind of apparatus are developed to be introduced into a recipient containing liquid, to allow to make circulate the liquid externally, to allow circulate across the
    serpentins and thermostatization chambers, and stir the liquids contained on a recipient, by propulsion system as well.
  • Technical data
    • Metallic painted housing, and all the elements in direct contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel.
    • Equipped with flow regulation system, and provided with a double fixation system, one is through an “U” device to be fixed on the wall of the tanks, and the other one is with a screwded Ø12mm bar supplied as accessory DXV-12, to allow to fix on the classical laboratory bars scaffolding that is fixed on the laboratory wall.
    • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 33.
    • Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40°C.
    • Permissible relative humidity 80%.
  • Accessories
    Support bar for rear fixing DXV-12.



  • Description
    This kind of apparatus are developped to allow to transfer liquids between two different recipients, and allowing dossing the liquids as well. The main difference from the other types of pumps (that the liquids are in direct contact with the pump body), is that the liquid circulate across a silicone tube or another inert and flexible tube or similar, to avoid the liquids contamination and the pump corrossion, increasing the pump life periode .
  • Technical data
    Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 33. Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40°C. Permissible relative humidity 80%.There are produced two different models:

    • DBP-01
      It operates through pre-formed tubes very easily interchangeable to select the flow range. Speed/flow regulation. Without a timer. Intended to operate at low flows with tubes of very small size. They are available tubes of Santoprene or Silicone. Plastic housing. Overall dimensions in mm D90, H90, W170. 0,5 Kg. 230V 50Hz 4W.
    • DBP-02
      Provided with a speed regulation and a timer 1 ~ 999min; it is posssible to control the pump flow through the speed, the time or combinating both parameters at the same time doing working cycles. It operates through the traditional tubes. Metallic painted housing. Overall dimensions in mm D 280, H 65, W 220. 5 Kg. 230V 50Hz 12W.



The DCM-01 and DCM-02 are small compressors developed to make compressed air in a clear and quiet way, in all kind of laboratory needs. It works on dry mode, consequently they don’t produce any contamination, and no maintenace is requiered. Provided with a membranes assembly and a special motor, developed to avoid the generation of any annoyance vibration. Air flow regulable through a fine air valve by bypass and a manometer.

  • Technical data
    • DCM-01 7L/min, 813mBar 30dB, 12W, dimensions in mm: D220, H100, W220, 1Kg.
    • DCM-02 65L/min, 3,5Bar 40dB, 60W, dimensions in mm: D130, H250, W330, 5Kg.
    • Metallic painted housing. 230V.
    • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 33.
    • Permissible ambient temperature +4 ~ +40°C. Permissible relative humidity 80%.
  • Accessories
    DCMX-01 is a water separator. REX-0540/02 is a flow-meter 1-10L/min