Clean Bench – AlphaClean 1300 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench



AlphaClean 1300 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

  • Blower
    Automatically compensates for normal power line variation, air diruptiona and filter loading. Motor consumes less energy, reduce heat output and operates more quietly.
  • llumination lamp
    Illumination provides sufficient brightness to theworking chamber.
  • UV lamp
    Emission of 235.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination. Automatic UV timer program saves your time during daily work
  • Satety grade glass
    The front glass window provides protection from explosion and UV with more comfortable viewing
  • Work tops
    Standard constructed of seamless, non-porous type 304 stainless steel
  • Prefilter
    Chemically and thermally enhanced technology increase filtration capacity and efficiency,together with ergonomical filter change design for easy maintenence
  • Friendly communication
    Centered and angled down color-display for better at-a-glance viewing of safety and performance data.
  • Long life HEPA filter
    Long life HEPA filter provides high separability for particles. Self-compensation for the clogging of filters and life span indicator optimize working condition and minimizes services
  • Real-time airflow monitoring
    Velocity of airflow and temperature are inspected and indicated on control panel.Alert the user if airflow is insufficient
  • Universal electrical outlets
    Two standard electrical duplex receptacles, with ground fault interruption and splash covers.