HVP-3300BRL & HVP-3000BRL Series

TSP HI-Vols :

  • Brushless, 2 or 3 Stage Blower
  • Manual Speed Control
  • Actual Flow Reading
  • For Continuous Use
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Elapsed, Resettable, Electronic Timer
  • Applicable to EPA’s 40 CFR, 50, App. B
  • PM-10 Adaptable!


These High Volume Air Samplers are housed in a clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The Brushless, two or three stage centrifugal fan blower can be used for particulate sampling with either a 4” diameter or 8” x 10” filter paper holder. The blower motor has a variable speed control feature which allows the operator to select a flow rate up to the capacity of the pump. Select the air sampler which best fits your needs: Choose the 2-stage, 250 watt brushless blower for typical air sampling environments, or, when the sampling application requires a stronger overall vacuum capacity, select the 3-stage, 800 Watt system (for 230 Volt applications see ratings below). When ordering, please specify volumetric units and power requirements.

  • For PM-10 sampling, see the Size Selective Inlets section of this catalog.
  • For Filter Paper, see the Filter Media for Air Sampling section of this catalog.
  • For Calibrators, see the Air Flow Calibrators, Adapters and Calibration Services section of this catalog.
  • For Replacement Blowers, see the Air Sampling Accessories section of this catalog.