PM-10 Size Selective High Volume Air Sampling Systems :

  • Complete Systems Designed to Meet or Exceed U.S. EPA Federal Reference Method Performance Specifications for PM-10 Sampling
  • Three High Performance Systems to choose from
  • Brushless & Brushed Motor Driven 2 & 3-Stage Blowers Available
  • NIST Traceable Flow Calibration


The EPA Clean Air Act of 1990 established a measuring standard to evaluate and monitor the health effects of thoracic inhaleable particles. The standard was set that in order for an environment to be healthy, in terms of these particles, it must have a concentration of less than 50 µg/m3 of particles with aerodynamic diameters less than 10 microns. The standard has been deemed PM-10, particulate size of 10um. Adherence to this standard is most important in industries and environments which produce a large mass of PM-10’s such as mills, mines, and biomedical facilities.

HI-Q Environmental Products Company offers five complete PM-10 sampling systems designed to meet or exceed U.S. EPA Federal Reference Method performance specifications for the collection of PM-10 in ambient air. Each of the five systems incorporates the same size selective inlet mounted on top of any of HI-Q’s five High Volume, Outdoor, TSP Air Sampling Systems depicted on the previous pages. The inlet is designed to sample at a flow rate of 40 CFM.